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ArA Exchange

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ArA Exchange
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Total Transaction Status

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ArA Point, ArA Pay Transaction status

  • The total trading volume of the ArA Point is 2,221,994 and the available purchase quantity is 105,225 points. One point has a cash value of 10,000.
    ArA Point can be obtained by purchasing the product at ArA Club Mall.
  • The total amount of ArA Pay payments is 2,221,994 Pay. You can use ArA Pay like cash at ArA Club Mall.
  • Currently, a total of 20 billion dollars are being traded.

List of sales

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2019.08.20 List of sales (First date)

  • For the first time, on 2019.08.20 the sale began and continues to be strong.
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2019.10.11 List of sales (2019.10.11)

  • 2019.10.11 there are more than 410 pages of transactions.
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