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LNG plant Business background

Korea 8thBasic Policy of Electricity(2017~”30)

  • Nuclear & coal : 50.9% >34.7%
  • LNG & Renewable Energy : 9.7%> 33.7% (3.5 times Increase)

Strengthen Safety & Environment friendliness

  • Aborted Construction of new nuclear & Coal Power Plant
  • Expansion of aged Coal-fired Power Plant
  • Plan to abolish because of environmental issues
    2018 Young-Dong # 1,2(325MW), Seo-chun#1,2(400MW)
    2020 Sam-chunpo#1,2(1,120MW)
    2021 Ho-nam#1,2(500MW)
    2025 Bo-ryung#1,2(1,000MW)

Improvement of LNG Gas Transportation System

  • New Modes of transportation & Storage

LNG power Generation cost down by reducing fuel transportation & Storage cost(about ½ cut down)

  • Unnecessary LNG Carrier, Storage Tanks Terminal & Gas Pipe

International LNG price Cut down and The appearance of Sail Gas

  • Diversification of Fuel Resources : Rusia, Indonesia, Bierain, Middle East, U.S.A., etc
Improvement of LNG Gas Transportation System
Tongyeong LNG Power Plant Project Site
Tongyeong LNG Power Plant Project Site

Analysis of location conditions of complex industrial facilities

Certified Construction License

natural conditions

natural conditions

  • Optimum natural environmental conditions : very large ship of more than 300,000 tons are able to anchor (Sea Water Depth : 17~23 m)
  • This site is very calm and safe sea from typhoon
Condition of industrial plant

Condition of industrial plant

  • There are many shipyards Nearby such as Daewoo, Samsung Shipbuilding site & STX ., etc
  • Nearby Busan New Port (Within 30 minutes) : Ship repair & Safety inspection demand is sufficient



Other Related Manufacture Factory

LNG Portable Tank Factory & BunkringSystem Building

LNG Portable Tank Factory & BunkringSystem Building

  • LNG Tank Manufacture Technology technical co-operation : China Chang-Chung Petrorilieunnational gas
  • LNG Gas Bunkering System Building : LNG Gas Engine Ship, Vehicle, Island Bunkering
  • Provide Self-Required Capacity (2,500 Tanks / 1,000 MW)
LNG Generator & turbine Factory

LNG Generator & turbine Factory

  • Generator, LNG Gas Turbine Factory : Technical Cooperation Consortium (U.S.A General Electric, Siemens AG, Mitsubishi,. Etc)
  • LNG Ship Engine, Building small Generation, Vehicles Engine ., etc
  • Korea, China, Indonesia, Vietnam ., Export
    Capacity (10 thousand KW, 50 thousand KW, 100 thousand KW)
    Annual Production Scale : 1,000 MW
High Efficient Power Transmission Cable Factory

High Efficient Power Transmission Cable Factory

  • Our Intrlligent Transportation & Distrbution System
    Lowest Loss & Cost of ACCC for High Voltage Transportation
    Cu-Plating on Al-wire : Raise Conductivity up to Twice
    Intelligent Monitoring & Maintenance System for Distribution
  • Very Low Cost of Transportation System Carbon Material
  • Very Low Loss System (Non-Conductive CSR, Much Longer Span, Longer Life Time)
  • The Best Transportation System of Electricity
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