Operating Business

Airplane Part Factory Construct

Airplane Part Factory Construct
  • Technical Cooperation

    Japan Mitsubishi Motors & Korea Aerospace Industries ltd.,

    Nearby Sa-cheunAerospace Complex

  • Supply of land(site) or Equity Invest Negotiation
  • Private Aircraft l& Warplane Components
    Variable Depending on Negotiation result

Repair Ship Dockyard Construction

선박 수리 시설 Dockyard 건설
  • IMO(International Maritime Organization) Rule Take Effect (Prohibited from visiting foreign Ports after 2020)

    ships that not equipped with ballast water treatment systems

    diesel engine desulfurization facilities (Replace with LNG Engine)

    Ship repair demand to Surge in the future
  • There is Busan New Port within 30 minutes by Ship

    It is possible to meet the demand for regular repair of the ship.

    there is no large ship repair dock Currently

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