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ArA Dream City Development Business in Yeongjong-island

Eye View

ArA Dream City Development Business in Yeongjong-island
  • 1
    Public Golf Course
  • 2
    Golf Village
  • 3
    Golf Village(Stand-alone type, Hotel)
  • 4
    Reserved Land
  • 5
    Business Center / Hotel
  • 6
    Commercial Complex
  • 7
    Tourist Hotel
  • 8
    World Hansang Street-1
  • 9
    Education · R&D Facility
  • 10
    World Theme Lake park
  • 11
    Health Care Center/Medical Spa
  • 12
    World Hansang Street-2
  • 13
    Wind Hill Park
  • 14
    Grass park
  • 15
    Aqua Mountain(Waterpark, Aquarium)
  • 16
    Camping Park
  • 17
    Ocean Marina Resort
  • 18
    Commercial Street
  • 19
    Waterfront Deck
  • 20
    Lawn Plaza
  • 21
    Eco Channel
  • 22
    Railway Station
  • 23
    HighWay I.C
  • 24
    Military Facility

Welfare & resort complex

Section Area(㎡) Percentage(%)
Developing Land 6,011,506 100.0
Non-developing Land 1,604,479 26.7
of the
Total 4,407,027 73.3
1) Hospital 439,000 7.3
2) Medicinecollege 225,946 3.7
3) AmusementPark 362,421 6.0
4) SeaWaterPark 139,658 2.3
5) ShoppingCenter
250,904 4.2
6) Hotel 89,714 1.5
7) GolfCourse 2,241,897 37.3
8) Residence 504,754 8.4
9) Visitor’sBureau 152,733 2.5
  • Media complex and leisure complex with eight parts of private and public space; 4.4㎡(73%) of the total 6.01 million ㎡(100%)
  • Relative districts are located close to each other for the synergy effect and user’s convenience
  • For peaceful atmosphere and maximizing the function, the land is planned to keep the geographical features

Management Plan

Welfare & Resort Complex
New City of Industrial complex just behind

Management Plan
  • generator & turbine plant, refrigeration warehouse, gas tank manufacturing plant, repair shipyard employee's house
    Population : 5,000( Employee)*4Persons = 20,000 living Accommodations
    ppingDistrict, Administration Facility, School, Hospital Hotel 4,000( Employee)*4Persons=16,000 living Accommodations
  • The happy life of all employees through the establishment of the Welfare Foundation
  • Membership of all employees and their families
  • Medical and welfare life Supporting Facility-Sola Power plant

Management Plan2

Resort Complex & Silver Town
New City of Industrial complex just behind

Management Plan2
  • Establish a Welfare Foundation
    Foundation Fund : Oil Trading Profits & Donate Fund
    Nursing home & Silver town for Urban Elderly : 3 Thousand Household - *2 Persons= 6,000 persons ( hospital Elderly special hospitals, leisure facilities, etc. )
  • Resort Complex(Technical cooperation with Genting Group & MGM)
    Golf Course, Marine leisure Sports(Yacht, Water Skiing, Cruise Ship & Pleasure Boat, Hotel, Amusement Park, Casino, Auditorium, .. etc)

Hotel & Resort

For stay over guests, the hotels are located by the Resort park; Resort hotel for a long stay and entertainment hotel for a short stay.

  • Hotel
  • Spa
  • Outdoor Facilities
    Outdoor Facilities
Hotel& 리조트
Section Land Area(㎡) Building(㎡) Total Floor(㎡)
Hotel Hotel 89,714 2,307 42,595
Parking Lot (incl. above) 3,905 15,000
Total 89,714 6,212 57,595
  • Building Plan

    Easy access to the Resort park and the shopping center

    Main garden with palm tree and the swimming pool to enhance mountain and beach like atmosphere

    Modern building with classical annex

  • Sub-Plan

    Various facilities incl. play ground, restaurant, education center for entertaining and educational purposes

    The main building and annex for different needs. -The main building; for entertainment / The Annex; resort for family guests

Shopping Center

The shopping center will become the newest hot spot as the Outlet, Urban Entertainment Center, Family Entertainment Center attract guests from all different regions.

  • Outlet
  • FEC
  • Amphitheatre at UEC
    Amphitheatre at UEC
Shopping Center
Section Land Area(㎡) Building Area(㎡) Total Floor(㎡)
Shopping Center Outlet 80,707 19,256 25,641
UEC 142,036 39,639 67,522
FEC 28,161 6,374 12,747
Total 250,904 65,268 105,910
  • Building Plan

    Organized by the outlet, UEC and FEC

    Located for convenient routine to shop

    Located near the main entrance for easy access

  • Sub-Plan

    European outlet; luxury goods at reasonable price

    UEC, indoor and outdoor sport, food court, shopping and cultural facilities

    FEC, indoor and outdoor entertainment center for families incl. mini golf, arcade games and etc.

The golf course with 36 holes

  • Club House
    Club House
  • Golf Village
    Golf Village
  • Golf Courses
    Golf Courses
The golf course with 36 holes
Section Land Area(㎡) Building Area(㎡) Total Floor(㎡)
Golf Courses Golf Course 1,702,898 7,800 12,700
Golf Village 374,637 32,255 84,220
Golf Town House 164,362 23,804 75,725
Parking Lot - (incl. above) 23,760
Total 2,241,897 63,859 196,405
  • Building Plan

    Peaceful space with the greens and residence

    Green view for residents and visitors

    Public 18 holes / Private 18 holes

  • Sub-Plan

    Various difficulty level for golfers at different levels

    Different course & service between private and public golfers

    Residence with beautiful sceneries

    48 open driving range and putting green

    Enough number of houses for guest

Sea Water Park

The water park is located near the main entrance for the convenience for stay over guests and Resort park visitors. The main theme is the age of the dinosaurs.

  • Splash
  • Outdoor Attractions
    Outdoor Attractions
  • Indoor Attractions
    Indoor Attractions
Sea Water Park
Section Land Area(㎡) Building Area(㎡) Total Floor(㎡)
Water Park Indoor 106,118 2,567 7,701
Outdoor - 28,762 28,762
1st Condominium - 6,962 41,770
2nd Condominium 33,540 5,926 50,409
Parking Lot 3,800 26,600 19,800
Total 139,658 48,016 171,242
  • Building Plan

    Harmonious indoor and outdoor facilities

    1st and 2nd condominiums for stay over

  • Sub-Plan

    Subsidiary facilities for convenience

    Indoor swimming pool : the age of dinosaurs & fairy tales

    Outdoor swimming pool : Volcanoes and the age of dinosaurs

    1st Condominium with the water park with dinosaur theme

    2nd high-class Condominium located between the water park and Resort park


Residence for rural life style; Royal Member Ville (3,000 units) and Garden Ville (500 units).

  • Tower
  • Town House
    Town House
  • Single-family Houses
    Single-family Houses
Section Land Area(㎡) Building Area(㎡) Total Floor(㎡)
Residence Dream Ville 385,651 53,070 157,388
Garden Ville 102,614 15,140 67,128
Community Center 16,489 5,400 21,600
Parking Lot (incl. above) - 42,768
Total 504,754 73,610 288,884
  • Building Plan

    Residence for the pleasures of rural life with convenient facilities

    Saving electric energy by facing the south

    Residence for new settlers

    Beautiful golf course view

  • Sub-Plan

    Royal Member Ville & Garden Ville –two unique life styles

    Eco-friendly European residence

    Community center for residents’ welfare and convenience

    Basement parking lot to maximize green zone

Night Scenery Plan

The lights will be decorated for the fantastic night life with buffer zone considering the characteristic of Resort complex, Provide Scenery of surpassing beauty

  • Decorative lights; the theme park, shopping center

    Dramatic night scenery -LED: Light-emitting Diode (Saving energy)

    Street with the shopping center –Connecting other blocks

  • Fountain at the entrance shows dynamic light effect and event of water, light and music in the night

    Maximize festival images by water reflection

  • Light decoration

    Harmonious layout with residence, golf course and hotel

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