Operating Business

User Interface

In the beginning, only the user can go through the QR code authentication procedure, and then the deep learning based AI smart camera installed in the store can recognize the user's movement and motion and implement the "Pick & Go" process.
User Interface


CVS unmanned system provides functions of tracking individual visitors from the entrance to payment system and identifying and tracking at the same time the products at the stores based on big data accumulated at the CVS Data Center.
System Configuration

Store Entering Process

After the confirmation of identity through QR code (mobile device) and Face ID (in-store camera) and the application confirmation message, based on Face ID / Simple payment registered at the store entrance, unlock the storefront.
CVC PAY Store Entering ProcessCVC PAY Store Entering Process

Neural Network (CNN)

Convolutional Neural Network to-be in use, has been designed to obtain robust results in an around-the-clock operating environment at the convenient store. This is possible as Convolutional Neural Network can process the convenient store’s operating environment with nighttime lighting/daytime counterlight by using neural network preprocessing input with shadows/highlights adjusted images―based on facial area detection results.
Convolutional Neural networkConvolutional Neural network

A.I Smart Camera

An AI camera built on a dedicated platform is used to implement a real-time embedded deep neural network. Segmented and optimized memory access patterns for the deep neural network can output the metadata on the recognition results in less than 80ms.
A.I Smart CameraA.I Smart Camera

Facial Recognition Technology using Deep Learning AI Technology – Allowing facial recognition in the affiliate stores through Deep Neural Network even without the construction of large data server.

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