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Welcome to Ara Global Corp.

Ara Global Corp is a newly emerging corporation conducting diverse business over the globe, including LNG-related energy business, entertainment, cryptocurrency and shopping malls, centered at Republic of Korea and signing strategic partnerships with multiple nations including Indonesia, Vietnam, China.

Our current business includes construction and operation of LNG gas power plants in Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia, railway construction in Indonesia (which is an SOC (Social Overhead Capital)), oilfield development and equipment lease, construction of resorts and entertainment parks in Yeongjong Island in Incheon (Korea), Sentul City (Indonesia) and Danang (Vietnam).

Furthermore, we are simultaneously proceeding ship lease, shipbuilding & repair, fisheries wholesale market development businesses.

Leveraging our global partnership with NE Asia, Europe and SE Asia, we pursue becoming a world-class global corporation, conducting global business, including an online luxury goods market and international cryptocurrency exchange (BMS).

Ara global will create new values, not only to improve our profit, but to continue investing in future-value new growth industries, building core infra and focusing our efforts on gaining competent talents.

Therefore, Ara Global corp. promises the best benefits to competent talents, always pursuing a social enterprise that fulfills our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). We deeply thank all our customers and employee members for their continued love and support. We sincerely promise to become a global corporation that evenly distributes profits to all our stakeholders and share our benefits with the national and social communities and furthermore, all people of the world.

Thank you.

Ara global corporation Chairman & CEO
Wi-Soo Seung

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