With the new future of the ocean

We focus on expanding growth potential and profitability, building core infrastructure, and establishing the company’s talents

With the new future of the ocean

Ara global is a global corporation which designs and executes innovative business models to offer a happier life for mankind and make a better world.

Based on our strategic partnership with Indonesia, we are growing as a multinational corporation through core business opportunities, including power plant development project, Yeongjong island dream city development project, fisheries wholesale market development, bulefin tuna cultivation technology transfer, fishing technology education, ship lease, shipbuilding and ship repair, fisheries products processing. Based on these businesses, we are preparing on building core infrastructure, expanding growth potential and profitability.

Furthermore, we are planning to proceed to Fourth industry and fintech businesses (Ara club mall, International Exchange) and continuously invest on future-value new growth industries.

In the course of which, we invite excellent talents to our company, advance our productivity, establishing our growth base by stabilizating existing businesses, focusing on developing new technologies to generate new growth momentum.

Ara global operates based on the following fundamental spirit.

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