Talent management


Ara Global is looking for people who can compete in the global market.
We pursue talent who has an ownership mind-set, who is active, who is not complacent with the present,
constantly challenges and communicates to think integratively, thereby creating new future values

entrepreneurial talent
entrepreneurial talentone who performs on the basis of a strong sense of ownership
Communicative talent
Communicative talentone who creates new solutions through communication, based on integrative thinking
Challenging talent
Challenging talentone who does not fear failure or frustration, and challenges new ways
Value-creating talent
Value-creating talentone who creates new feature values through a global business mindset
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Spontaneous work environment
Spontaneous work environmentBy introduction of staggered commuting hours, flexible work environment is provided.
Pleasant office space
Pleasant office spacePleasant office space available by contracting lease in units of floors in central Gangnam building.
Award to long-serving employees
Award to long-serving employeesMonetary reward and leave granted to long-serving employees
Subscription to 4 major social insurance
Subscription to 4 major social insuranceSubscription to National Pension, National Health Insurance, Employment insurance and Retirement pension
Custom designed welfare subsidy fund established
Custom designed welfare subsidy fund establishedSelf-development, medical, holidays and book expenditures are subsidized by welfare points granted according to individual need
Family congratulatory and condolence events subsidy
Family congratulatory and condolence events subsidyMonetary support provided to congratulatory and condolence events such as 60th birthday, 70th birthday, marriage etc.
Intracompany club activity supported.
Intracompany club activity supported.Club activities encouraged by awarding outstanding clubs etc.
Health check and health management center operated
Health check and health management center operatedAnnual health check cost subsidy provided to executives and employees to maintain health.
Free health management service and gym membership provided
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